Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ode to Brixton Market

Hallelujah, the vicious plans to pull down this exciting fount of exotic foods and erect yet another Faceless Temple of Bland Edibles and Mindless Consumerism have come to none! Brixton Market is here to stay.

Tesco's 2-pound Curry Pack and Starbucks' Cardamom-and-Chili Soy Milk Crappuccino aficionados will have to go elsewhere and leave us alone to enjoy the colourful cornucopia of African, South American, Indian, Chinese, Caribbean and Middle Eastern groceries.

Brixton Market keeps us from the sad fate of having to sustain on Tesco and the ilk's substandard fodder. Where else can you buy in one place
and at a price anyone can afford?


  1. I was down ther about a month ago and although i did not find what i was looking for (Amchar Masala) it was quite an experience. You must be able to get almost anything Foodwise from this unique place.

    I am glad it is here to stay. Brixton is known for this!!!


  2. The Arcades are the Brixton I grew up in......They've changed in the last 40 years, but they're still Brixton Arcades....

  3. Excellent news, it is indeed an exotic place for exotic foods, excellent blog by the way.