Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Brixton find: Jamaican locust fruit

Living in Brixton is like living on an exotic island with British weather. Every overcast day brings a sunny discovery.

I found this strange fruit yesterday at Brixton market. The Jamaican vendor insisted this is the biblical locust that Jesus Christ sustained on while in the desert. Although it is beyond certain that the Gospel was on about a kind of grasshopper, a good source of protein in many cultures, I didn't argue with the good man and bought a piece of his merchandise.

This bean pod like thing turns out a native of the Caribbean and South America, known as West Indian locust fruit or "stinking toe" (Hymenaea courbaril). It is supposed to be very smelly but I found it anything but. It tastes somewhat like freeze-dried vanilla icecream with strong grassy overtones. The pod is so hard I had to put it under a foot of my bed and drop it from a 20-cm height.

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  1. This is what John the Baptist ate in the wilderness. Not the grasshopper that people are so narrow minded to think that The Most High is not so simple to give his prophet that came with the spirit of Elijah an insect to eat. Think about it.