Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chorizo colombiano: a gutful of goodness

on't let me anywhere close a food market! I just received a shipment of exotic foods from Amsterdam - 3 packs of REAL tempeh, dry gado-gado sauce and a bag of quinoa among oodles of other goodies, but I still went to Brixton market and committed a careless thing. On my way home I happened on something I could not resist. At 80 p a pop how could I? This time it was chorizo colombiano, home-made Colombian sausage.

The people at the shop did not seem very willing to divulge the secrets of their trade, so the only thing I found out about chorizo colombiano that it is made of half pork, half beef with garlic and herbs.

Some things need no additional touches. This sausage is one of them: it's chunky succulency only takes a quick fry and some garnish, arroz con coco (coconut rice) and ensalata mixta. This chorizo is hand-made at the butcher's, so unlike its cousins of factory provenance, meat in it occurs in discernible chunks. As you cut through the sausage, out bursts a heady aroma of garlic and fresh coriander followed by surprising quantities of rich juice.

I first took out a bottle of red but then change my mind in favour of some gorgeous Chilean white. This Pedro Jimenez from Chile's Coquimbo Valley has a fresh vigorous taste with a final nose of passion fruit. It goes perfectly with the herby fragrance of chorizo colombiano.

Carniceria Los Andes, 1st Avenue, Brixton Market, London.

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