Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mandioquinha: a root veg from Brazil

As it always go with me, an innocent trip to buy some sesame seeds ended up with me walking away with 4 bags of foodstuffs. Such is Brixton Market, a serendipity outlet where you never know what you are in for.

This time my lucky find was Brazilian
mandioquinha (aka arracacha in Spanish). It is a root vegetable indigenous to South America. Its taste is a cross between parsnip and chestnut.

I fixed it in the authentic Brazilian way: boiled and mashed, with fried spinach and bife de tira, baby beef steak. No condiments but salt and pepper not to mess with natural flavourful goodness!

The spinach they sell at the market is more robust and has a stronger, faintly bitterish taste than what you get in supermarkets.


  1. Hi there, I wonder if you ever found it again? I have friends looking for it like crazy and I was never able to find them in the uk... since your post is 3 years old, I was wondering. Any chance you could let me know?

    Many thanks, Ana ( x

    1. You can find Mandioquinha or Arracacha here: