Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chayote squash: a.k.a. cristophene

epending on which shop you buy it at Brixton market, it is called chayote, chow chow or cristophene. Apocryphally, it goes by "old people's lips" on the Stateside. If you look at the picture you will see where they are coming from.

Chayote is uniquely crunchy, juicy and starchy. Its texture and taste are a cross between squash and guava. It can be used like either.

I find it quite pleasant raw with the sugar and chili powder pepper, just like they have unripe guava in Thailand.

So far I have tried it in its squash emploi in Ghanaian abenkwan and will report on my further findings.


  1. This is a great fruit and is used widley accross the Caribbean. It is also known as cristophene.

    You can actually buy it from if you live outside of London.



  2. In New Orleans, the chayote is called mirliton (the r isn't pronounced). The Bywater Neighborhood Association (BNA) has a festival named for the vegetable each November - The BNA also publishes a cookbook which feature lots of mirliton recipes.

  3. chayote, this is a so delicious vegetable, my neighbor Esperanza is Mexican, she prepared some recipe with this, and all the time she told me, is simply delicious.